This past Sunday, we just completed a move of our home office to new digs! Unfortunately, this means we will be delayed in shipping out orders for at least another week while we unpack and set everything up. (Also, while we wait for the internet and phone to get switched over to the new place... they have been off for the past week or so.) We are hoping to complete our unpacking and office set up by next Monday (9/7/09), but please do not panic if it takes a little longer for us to get everything back on track regarding the mail order. (It's a LOT of boxes of stock to organize after 12 years in business!) We apologize for the delay this will cause to our mail order service and thank you all in advance for your patience!

SPECIAL NOTE: Our mailing address WILL NOT CHANGE. We receive all our mail at a private mail box, since it makes it easier when we are at conventions or in case we need to move. Our emails, web addresses, etc. will also not be changing at all. Once we're finished setting up, we'll have more new goodies added to the online store, ready for you to peruse and purchase at your leisure!


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