Bureau of Mana Investigation #3 now @ComiXology


Bureau of Mana Investigation #3 Cover
Bureau of Mana Investigation #3 Cover

Bureau of Mana InvestigationĀ #3 is now live on ComiXology.

Cover by: Baron Engel, Christina "Smudge" Hanson
Written by: Christina "Smudge" Hanson
Art by: Ed Garcia, Christina "Smudge" Hanson
Price: $0.99

Trapped in unknown lands, Amark and Holly hide deep in the slums of the Demon City of Bylon. Meanwhile, the demoness Tarloom reports to Lord Sheilba that though she has found the location of Sheilba's errant son, she has inadvertently brought a unicorn into the Demon Lands. Enraged, Lord Sheilba commands a full scale hunt for Amark, wanting the unicorn's head before he leaves for Nivaria to kill his own son! Will Amark and Holly escape the Demon Lands alive, or will they be trapped forever?

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Liberty from Hell #1 digital edition now live on Comics Plus

Liberty from Hell Digital Edition cover 1
Liberty from Hell Digital Edition cover 1

The Demon Phalloide's back for a little more fun, now on your mobile devices. Completely rescanned and released in it's original sepia tone colors with a new cover, Christina "Smudge" Hanson's fan favorite tale of war and love in the dark ages is now available on the Comics Plus app.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, during the time of the Idle Kings, the vice demon Phalloide was unwittingly let loose onto the mortal world. He took to his liberty from Hell like a sailor on shore-leave- until he found out that he'd just been conscripted! Now, a soldier in Rook's Claw, a mercenary company, the world's first conscientious objector is finding things on the mortal plane are not entirely black and white. Things only get more complicated for poor Phalloide when the angel Azeal shows up to make him a most tempting offer- if he can keep his libido in check and pass a simple test! Witty and fun historical comedy with a magical twist.

$0.99 - 32 pages, color cover, sepia tone interior, mature readers.

Bureau of Mana Investigation Debuts at Comics+!

Radio Comix is pleased to announce the debut of Christina "Smudge" Hanson's fantasy police procedural Bureau of Mana Investigation via the Comics+ app from iVerse Media. Bureau of Mana Investigation #1 is available for free, with subsequent issues priced at $1.99 per issue. This marks the first Radio Comix title to appear on the Comics+ app, though Bureau of Mana Investigation has also been available via Graphic.ly as well. Hanson is currently in production on Project Garefowl, a full color series being created exclusively for the digital market, which should debut on Android and iOS devices in 2012.

You can check out the marvelous offerings of Comics+ here!

Furrlough #191

We here are happy to announce the September solicitation of Furrlough #191, the new issue of the longest running comic anthology ever! Perfect bound, black and white, with cover by fantasy painter Heather Bruton. Inside we've confirmed stories by Mitch Beiro, Smudge, Poinko and Thor Thorvaldson Jr. Lots of great stuff this issue so don't miss out and order your copy today through your favorite local comic book shop.