Liberty from Hell #2 digital edition now live on Comics Plus

Liberty from Hell #2 digital edition cover
Liberty from Hell #2 digital edition cover

Issue 2 of Liberty from Hell is now available on your mobile devices! Completely rescanned and released in it’s original sepia tone colors with a new cover, Christina “Smudge” Hanson’s fan favorite tale of war and love in the dark ages is now available on the Comics Plus app.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, during the time of the Idle Kings, the vice demon Phalloide was unwittingly let loose onto the mortal world- and immediately conscripted into the army! Camp doctor Andre thought he had everything. As a high ranking officer in the Rook’s Claw cohort, he has money, respect and status. But lately, he’s been beset by trouble and that trouble has a name- Pedes Sebastian! How will Andre deal with Sebastian’s new position as the King’s favorite- especially when he’s assigned to protect his most hated rival? It's Magus vs. Master-at-Arms as personalities collide!

$0.99 – 32 pages, color cover, sepia tone interior, mature readers.

Sword Play Pg1

Wow- we've finally hit the end of Vol.1 and started on vol.2 of Ebin and May. Gogo, you little rabbits, go! ^.^

Tt3 Claw1

Tiger Team 3 has updated!

This , now , is the official beginning of the Claw Witch story!  Thanks for being patient and sticking with me. Since I began the original story somewhere in the middle , I needed to produce some new work to make a proper start. There'll be some slight style differences , but let's try to ignore that and get straight to the action.