Oona's going on a slight hiatus as Mark tries to free up his schedule to do more Oona work - Here's his message to all his loyal readers!

I'm definitely producing more Oona comics! But to accomplish all I want for the strip I find it necessary to unchain myself once in awhile from the daily work of comics to do important associated stuff, plus the rather ordinary things of daily life. Some things involve promoting Oona itself, producing separate promo art & other illustration, hobnobbing with my fellow artists & professionals & generally creating a broader foundation of awareness of my comics among readers & fans.

So follow me on Twitter (https://twitter.com/sandcrawlerman), & look for more of my art in the meantime on Deviantart (http://markmoore.deviantart.com/) & Furaffinity (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/coolbunny/) Got a blog here too, just waiting for me to fill it up: (http://oonanonsense.blogspot.com/).

Thank you for being  faithful readers, all of you, and I mean it. See you soon!

--Mark Moore