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by Steve Gallacci

The collapse of the interstellar society has spawned countless uprisings and rebellions amongst the slowing deteriorating infrastructure. As political rivals vie for new resources, the once stable Shatora has been invaded, scattering the royal family. The young Prince Alfon, now on his own, must try and reclaim his Birthright.

Last Update: 10/04/11
Bureau of Mana Investigation

by Christina "Smudge" Hanson

Magic slowly returned to Nivarria after a millennium of nonexistence. Finding themselves in the hub of magical activity, the Mega-Shammark city police formed two special departments to deal with the rise in magic-related crimes: the Mana Police and their detectives, the Bureau of Mana Investigation.

Last Update: 05/08/12

by Mel. White

Welcome to the Pleistocene, when people were fuzzy, tasty edible animals had fangs and horns and scales and were the size of large cars, and Coyotes fell off things, avoided work, and generally got into trouble. But what else would you expect of a Coyote?

Last Update: 06/11/12
Duncan & Mallory

by Mel. White & Robert Asprin

How much trouble can the happless adventurer Duncan and a small, vegetarian blue dragon get into? A lot apperently, when Mallory's calling the shots.

Last Update: 10/10/16
Ebin & May

by Christina "Smudge" Hanson

One of the most popular stories from the pages of Furrlough, Ebin & May webcomic collects the stories featuring plenty of medieval romance, intrigue and adventure!

Last Update: 05/14/13

By Brian Sutton, Shon Howell and Mark Moore

When revolutionaries attack a archaeology dig-site, it's up to Dr. Tyson and his extremely beautiful and competent bodyguard to delve into the jungle to sort it all out. Pulp adventure with all the trimmings. And explosions.

Last Update: 02/21/13
Havoc Inc

By Mark Barnard and Terrie Smith

For Chris Decker, just coming out of the chaos of a galactic war, life had been good. Yes, it had been a reassuring and tranquil fifteen minutes. Then Chester had come along, all smiles and ambition, and Decker knew his life would never be the same ....

Last Update: 10/30/13
Oona the Cave Bunny

by Mark Moore

Oona is smart Cave Bunny. She talk with Dinosaurs and know how to count and read. It her job to protect all of Cave Bunny Clan. But job is hard. Oona has rival. Oona also is followed by strange earless bunny from sky. Oona know not what needs looking after most, rival of Oona or new sky-bunny “friend” of Oona. Oona do best Oona can.

Last Update: 04/10/17

After taking shelter in an 'abandoned' castle, Sebastian finds himself a willing prisoner of Lord Beast, a brooding soul hiding a deep sin. Beauty and the Beast with a twist (and a wriggle).

Last Update: 11/20/15
Tiger Team Three

by Mark Moore

Armed with the power of the mysterious butterfly disks, Tiger Butterfly, Tiger Moth and Red Swallow are in a desperate race to stop the Claw Witch and her horde of monstrous children. Three young girls out to save the world!

Last Update: 04/10/12
Trouble Express

by Will Allison

Trace Markley is an inter-galactic courier and one of the best! When huge courier conglomerate Trouble Express begins courting him to join their ranks, he's suspicious, but money can sometimes change everything.

Last Update: 11/03/11
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