How To Order Direct:

If you are a retailer who would like to order directly from Radio Comix, we are more than happy to serve you! (To qualify as a Radio Comix Retailer, you must own or manage a brick and mortar store location or have a current online store up and running and be willing to send us a link.)  Our online store features an up-to-date listing of everything we currently have in stock if you are interested in browsing, though you are welcome to order via the online store as well. (The final wholesale price will be calculated once you complete your order, we only ask that you enter your store information in the "Comment" section on your order.) Retailer orders receive a standard 45% off cover wholesale price, and we have hundreds of Radio Comix and Sin Factory back issues and graphic novels available for your customers' special order needs.

We are also more than happy to email you a copy of the latest wholesale price listing for our comics and books! Please specify if  you would like our all-ages listing, our adults only listing or both. For more information, please contact Elin Winkler directly at or, send your request via our online store system.

Distributors who carry Radio Comix titles -

Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc

Haven Distributors

Find a comic shop near you! -

Retailers carrying Radio Comix-
Ace of Comics- Lawndale, CA, USA
The Beguiling
- Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Collector's Edition- Little Rock, AR, USA
The Comic Book Store- Little Rock, AR, USA
Comics Unlimited- Westminster, CA, USA
Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy- Austin, TX, USA
Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy- San Antonio, TX, USA
Hi De Ho Comics- Santa Monica, CA, USA
Keith's Comics- Dallas, TX, USA
Lee's Comics- Mountain View, CA and San Mateo, CA, USA
Njoy Games & Comics- Northridge, CA, USA
Things From Another World- Universal City, CA, USA

If you are a retailer who carries our titles and would like to be listed here, please contact us at Please include your store website and location, so we can direct people to you!