We are thrilled to announce that Mark Moore's anime-styled magical girl adventure, Tiger Team 3 has joined our webcomics lineup!

Tiger Team 3 first debuted in the pages of Mangaphile, the Magazine for Manga Fans and was one of the most popular serialized stories to grace the pages of that anthology! Now, Mr. Moore brings his clean and cute art style online with classic stories plus all-new never-before-seen pages! Tiger Team 3 is a loving homage to the classic magical girl genre of anime, paired with plenty of slam-bang sentai and superhero action to make an exciting combination! This all-ages story is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!

The first seven pages are now live, with weekly updates to follow! You can bookmark it here at this link!


  • Looks like it’ll be an interesting story. Kinda curious as I check out the blog entries that you guys aren’t participating in Indy Comic Book Week, http://www.indycomicbookweek.com. I would’ve thought that would have been something you guys would’ve gotten involved in for sure. They’ve got a blog that has a listing of current participants, indycomicbookweek.blogspot.com. Check it out.

  • missdoronjo

    We didn’t have any new books coming up that weren’t adults only. ^_^; So, we didn’t think they would really be accepted at most comic shops. We did restock all the Furrlough issues at the local comic shop here in San Antonio that week, but that was about the extent of our participation, sadly.

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