It's been a busy and exciting time here at the old Radio Tower, hence we've been a bit quiet on the news front trying to get everything finished and squared away. But I am brimming with announcement news, all of it good!

First off, we have two books currently at the printers after our long reorganization hiatus! Genus #92 and Genus: Male #9 are both being printed as we speak, our first new books in ages! Genus #92 features a gorgeous cover by DAQ, colored by the multi-talented Will Allison, with plenty of great goodies inside by Brian Sutton, Shon Howell, DAQ, Kjartan Arnorsson, ReDaDillio, Terrie Smith and last but certainly not least, Diana Harlan-Stein! This is also the debut of a totally new format for the book, similar in style to a Japanese doujinshi. This book will be available through comic shops across the country thanks to Diamond Distribution. If you want your local retailer to order it for you, the Diamond order code is NOV090898. If your local comic store retailer simply can't get it for you, we do have it available for pre-order on our own online store! It will also be available at our table at Further Confusion!

Genus: Male #9 features a very foxy cover by DarkZel, and awesome interiors by JK Blacklin, Tredain & DarkZel, Terrie Smith, Sara Palmer, ReDaDillio, and Joe Rosales! This is the standard sized comic format, and will be available for comic stores to order via our friends at Haven Distributors. It is also available for pre-order on our online store and will be available at our table at Further Confusion!

And speaking of Further Confusion, I will be flying out this week to attend the convention, January 21st-24th! Radio Comix will have their usual table in the dealers' room, where I will be joined by the likes of Trump, Ken Singshow, Smudge, Baron Engel and DAQ! Plus, dozens of other Radio Comix and Sin Factory artists will be in attendance, so it's a fantastic opportunity to get some great art, buy some good comics and generally hobnob with your favorite creators! If you're anywhere near the San Jose area that weekend, you won't want to miss this show! (Caution: some links may not be safe for work...)

--Radio Elin

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  • Karl Maurer

    It was great seeing you folk at Further Confusion 2010. I bought LOTS of stuff from Team Shuffle and from you there and I have been enjoying them all! I hope you folk did great business and I hope to see you there again next year!

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