Big news! Furrlough #190, the first issue of Furrlough in the new, perfect-bound format, and Untamed Vol. 1 (adults only) are listed in the latest issue of the Diamond Previews catalog! That means it's time to politely pester your local comics retailer about pre-ordering copies for you! The Diamond order code for Furrlough #190 is MAY101102, and the Untamed Vol. 1 order code is MAY101103. By using these helpful item codes, your retailer will be able to find and order the books for you with a minimum of fuss! Both books are scheduled to ship in July 2010.

Furrlough #190 will be in the same format as our latest issue of Genus, complete with perfect-bound spine, matte cover stock and high quality white paper inside. Untamed Vol. 1 is our newest series, brought to you by the same team of fabulous creators who brought you Anubis: Dark Desire! Heather Bruton, Diana Harlan-Stein, Dark Natasha, Terrie Smith, and many more, contributing beautiful, romantic stories of forbidden love. The art is absolutely gorgeous!

Pre-ordering is a matter of life and death for small-press comics, as many comic retailers are unwilling to take a chance on special interest comics during these difficult economic times. Letting your retailer know that you really want these books (and using the order codes above) doesn't just help us, it helps support your local comic shop as well! Pre-order your copies today!

For those of you without access to a local comic store at all, we will be putting up pre-order pages for both titles on our online store once the scheduled shipping time gets closer.


    • Smudge

      Skyler, Untamed was solicited though Diamond’s adult catalog at the same time as Furrlough. It’s order code is MAY101103. If your shop carries adult books, check to see if they will order it for you. If not, it’ll be listed on our web-store when it gets closer to the shipping date. ^.^

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