Here's a sneak peek in to the work being done for our new title, Project Garefowl! Each Friday we'll try to post new work or info about the book as we get closer to its release. Today is a nice look at one of the main characters, Shiroc Torsha, via his character sheet. Enjoy!


Shiroc Torsha, Civilian Contractor

Age: Unkown
Height: 6' 2"

Job: Project Garefowl, Civilian Contractor; Linguistics

Shiroc came to work for Project Garefowl five years ago as a civilian contractor, due to his talent for picking up conversational languages with frightening speed. While a legal alien working within the US, he spends nights studying for his citizenship. When not working or studying, he's picked up prestidigitation as a hobby. His penchant for performing on the drop of a hat has made him well known, and well liked around the base.

Shiroc tends to be a quiet person in new situations and around new people, yet he has a flamboyant side that allows him to warm up quickly. He is quick to smile but slow to anger. He is very fond of swimming, and goes to the beach as often as he can. When asked about his past, he will politely state that "it was a long time ago", and that he "wishes to move on", but nothing more.

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