Snack time!

Radio Comix has new Digs!

This past Sunday, we just completed a move of our home office to new digs! Unfortunately, this means we will be delayed in shipping out orders for at least another week while we unpack and set everything up. (Also, while we wait for the internet and phone to get switched over to the new place... they have been off for the past week or so.) We are hoping to complete our unpacking and office set up by next Monday (9/7/09), but please do not panic if it takes a little longer for us to get everything back on track regarding the mail order. (It's a LOT of boxes of stock to organize after 12 years in business!) We apologize for the delay this will cause to our mail order service and thank you all in advance for your patience!

SPECIAL NOTE: Our mailing address WILL NOT CHANGE. We receive all our mail at a private mail box, since it makes it easier when we are at conventions or in case we need to move. Our emails, web addresses, etc. will also not be changing at all. Once we're finished setting up, we'll have more new goodies added to the online store, ready for you to peruse and purchase at your leisure!

Ebin & May updating twice a week

Yup! That’s right. Ebin and May, starting with this weeks pages is going to be updating twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

It’s good to have a backlog. ^.^

Radio Comics & Anthrocon (AC)

Just a quick note for anyone attending Anthrocon- we sadly will not be able to attend this year. We have an office/home move that is going to be going on the same month as the convention, so that takes priority. We'll definitely be there with bells on next year, but fear not! Our esteemed colleague Fuzzwolf, he of FurPlanet ( fame, will have some of our latest books with him on consignment. So, you'll still be able to get your Radio Comix fix, just not directly from Elin's tiny hands. FurPlanet will be at tables A-16 through A-18, so be sure to go check them out at the convention!

A-Kon Bound!

This weekend, the Radio staff will be heading up to Dallas, Texas for A-Kon 20, the oldest anime convention in the US! The convention runs from May 29-31, and promises to be a great time as usual! Last year the attendance topped 15,000 excited anime fans, and the convention is chock full of events, panels, and things to do and see. You can learn more at

Look for the Radio Comix tables in the Dealers' Room, and don't miss our panel on Sunday afternoon! Attending will be Elin Winkler, Will Allison, DAQ, Phil "Poinko" Gibson, Shon Howell, Brian Sutton, Matt High, and many more fantastic artists, writers and talents!

We hope to see many of you there!

Webcomix are here!

As we busily finish the last bits of the new and much improved Radio Comix site, we can happily announce our new webcomix section.

First title available is the long running Furrlough story Ebin and May.

So please come and check it out.

Forums now live!

Whoohoo! We've got the Forums up and going again, Please feel free to create a login and start chatting. All your radio friends and enthusiasts will be there!

Please pardon our dust!

As you can see - we're busy at work building a bigger and better Radio Comix.

There'll be plenty of new awesomeness going on there once the construction is completed- news, free online comics, online archives of some of our best classic comics, a fresh new forum, and even more!

But please bear with us until the construction dust settles and the migration gets finished. It'll be a little wonky until then. ^_^

Of course, since it is hosted elsewhere, the Radio Comix Online Store, is still up and running and isn't going anywhere. Hooray!