Sebastian & the Beast Vol. 1 Graphic Novel is now available!

Sebastian & the Beast Vol. 1 TPB
Sebastian & the Beast Vol. 1 TPB

Hot off the press, the Sebastian & the Beast Vol. 1 trade paperbacks are here and in stock! This fairy tale BL romance by Susan "Matix" Smit and Allie Smith has been uber popular on the webcomics section of the Radio Comix website, and now you can own the first collection in handy dead tree format! This volume collects chapters 1-4, and rounds out at 118 pages of dramatic romantic tentacle-y goodness! It's ready for purchase at the Radio Comix Online Store for a mere $16.99.

Radio Comix at A-Kon 25, June 6-8!


Radio Comix is headed to A-Kon 25 this June! As usual, we will be setting up in the dealers' room with a full stock of all our comics and graphic novels. We will also have guest artists at our table- Joe Rosales (Wildlifers, Romanics), Matix (Sebastian & the Beast, Genus: Male), Will Allison (Pervert Club, Bunny Town), Phil "Poinko" Gibson (Cantrip the Magic Rabbit, Furrlough) and Bryce Nakagawa (Furrlough)! Our resident artists will be more than happy to do commissions and also sell you their hand-crafted merch! A remarkable panoply of delight and wonder awaits you at A-Kon 25!