Humm, big question for our heroes. . . .

As for me the Holidays are fast approaching, which means the usual holiday stresses are creeping up fast. All these Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals spamming up my in-box are not helping! Yes, 50% off that program I've wanted for ages that typically costs $200.00 is a great deal. Alas, I *still* don't have $99.00 for it. lol!

More than likely we will be doing cheap Xmas again - only immediate family gets gifts and it'll probably be something inexpensive. And no Xmas cards sent this year. I've actually had people mad at me (mostly distant relatives on my side, but some friends and business relationships too) for not sending out a card or box of "thinking of you" chocolates, when there was simply no budget. Wow, I don't even know how to describe that.

I can say that Baron and I honestly don't expect anything. If we do get something from our family or close friends, we cherish it like you would not believe. But we are just as happy to get nothing. We have everything we need, A roof over our heads, food on the table, Baron who loves me as I love him, friends who care about us, and, except for me, all our housemates all have stable, steady jobs atm. After all that, everything else is just... trivial. ^.^