I’m going on a hiatus! Our family is moving into a new place , & I need the time for packing , trashing & arranging. Unfortunately I have to suspend posting Oona pages for a few weeks , while I move & work on commissions for some much needed cash.

But I’ll be posting through it all , so keep watching for news & my restart announcements. You can follow me in my usual places – Twitter , Instagram , Facebook , Tumblr , Deviantart  & I’m on  Patreon  too!

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Thanks everyone!  This week’s journal post is the cover of an Oona ashcan I made back when the comics  appeared in the print version of Furrlough , early 2000’s. Since then I’ve spruced up the logo , redoing the lower text but keeping the upper portion.  The bunny children were as yet unnamed . Anky the dinosaur originally was much smaller in proportion to the other characters , & Oona still showed a lot more skin & was fuzzier around  the edges. I had & still have a thing for Stan Sakai’s work , & back then it showed a lot more as you can see.  I’m working to have more time to invest in making Oona comics , so I’m  also working hard to make Patreon & other monetization plans work for me. Coloring art with my tablet on the train is one way I captalize on my time , & it offers a fair chunk of focused worktime which allows me to color much more quickly than I can draw the finished page itself. This is why I can do hiatus art  like this , presenting color art made with the best of my vintage stuff.  Keep watching for announcements!