I am taking a break until the start of next year. See you all in 2014 🙂

Random things:  Yes that’s the Devil card, reversed. No, that doesn’t mean it’s worse than the upright Devil card.  (In fact I’m definitely not going by the definition of the reversed card given by the little booklet that came with my Rider-Waite deck. )

More things: The Fae lady is not evil, but since her spell is the ‘chains’ keeping them bound, she fits.  Unlike Ch 8’s cover, where the rose (Beast’s past) is positioned ahead of Beast, here it’s behind him.  Still present, but not commanding the image.

side note - the Fae woman’s coloration is a test, since I didn’t really have any specific colours associated with her. The warm/autumn colours here are to stay somewhat in keeping with the original R-W card, and also because Bastian and Beast have warm colours.  Fae lady probably has light silver/blonde/purple hair though. But since those were too light and also too cool for what I wanted to do with the colours, I went with light brown/tan for here.

More more things:  Yes, the flowers (new growth) and stars (hope) are good signs. :3

…it’s possible I spend too much time thinking about my covers. XD;;;