Yes, that's right - starting this week, we here at Radio Comix are proud to present Steve Gallacci's classic sci-fi tale, Birthright!

The collapse of the interstellar society has spawned countless uprisings and rebellions amongst the slowing deteriorating infrastructure. As political rivals vie for new resources, the once stable Shatora has been invaded, scattering the royal family. The young Prince Alfon, now on his own, must try and reclaim his Birthright.

Birthright updates Tuesdays and Thursdays


  • sfreader

    Hurrah! I loved this series, but even with a friend running a comic bookstore I never got them all… rare at used shops even in Seattle area… now I can read them all, in sequence! Glee! (throttling impatience)
    Gravatar avatars possible?

    • Smudge

      welcome and I hope you enjoy!

      yes, Gravatars should be active here. I use one myself. Check to make sure you have the correct email since that’s what the system links the user to the image with. oh, and they need to be rated G.

    • Smudge

      Steve is trying to get back up to steam to do more comic work, and we’re happy to have him here at Radio. I do know for a fact he’s been wanting to do more ‘Tales of the Fennik’ with Elin Winkler, our esteemed Editor-in-Chief. We’re in talks currently for compilations, but cannot say more than that at the moment.

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