Radio Comix to appear at Furry Fiesta

We're gearing up here for Furry Fiesta. We've always enjoyed this show and are looking forward to this year's fun. We'll have Genus: Male and more copies of Ebin & May Vol.2 for sale as well as our other great books. If you're at the show, please stop by and say hello!

Furry Fiesta 2012 - Beyond Thunderdome
February 24-26
Dallas Texas

Ebin & May vol.2 on the Horizon

Been a busy-bee here! I just finished compiling Ebin & May vol.2 for press and it's now off at the printers. Hopefully, just in time for Further Confusion!

To help promote it - I've put together some bookmarks as freebies/handouts for the con.

Ebin and May vol.2 Bookmark by *SmudgeDragon on deviantART

If your at the show, don't forget to grab one of these! ^.^