Eureka! GN pre-order now available

Eureka! GN cover
Eureka! GN Cover

Just in time for Furry Fiesta, Brian Sutton, Shon Howell and Mark Moore's fantastic pulp action/adventure book is now ready for pre-orders from the Radio Comix Online Store!

Deep in the Belgian Congo a new shocking archeology discovery could shake the very foundations of modern civilization. More important than the Atomic Bomb! More indescribable than Roswell! It’s up to super spy Nell and the gallant Dr. Tyler to keep it out of the Neo-Luddite’s hands, without getting their tails singed. Thrilling pulp-style sci-fi fun, chock full of jet-packs, mad scientists, beautiful gal explorers, Nazi villains and jungle girls! All four issues of this classic anthropomorphic miniseries, collected in a convenient 118-page graphic novel!

Eureka! Graphic Novel
by Brian Sutton, Shon Howell, and Mark Moore
118pgs, Black & White, Color Cover
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Cantrip the Magic Rabbit – now available for pre-order

Cantrip the Magic Rabbit
Cantrip the Magic Rabbit

Cantrip the Magic Rabbit is now available for pre-order on Radio's comix eShop!

Cantrip the Magic Rabbit
By Shon Howell and Phil "Poinko" Gibson

Strange things are afoot in sleepy Templarsville, Oklahoma! The students at Julius Schwartz Memorial High are abuzz with rumors about new girl, Candice Tripp. They say there's something bizarre about her, possibly unnatural. But you know how those crazy high school rumors get started, just because a gal is found in an abandoned house with total amnesia doesn't mean she's a complete witch! Or does it?! Collecting all of this delightful anthropomorphic comedy webcomic in one handy volume, penned by the popular Furrlough duo of Shon Howell and Phil "Poinko" Gibson!

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Ebin & May vol.2 on the Horizon

Been a busy-bee here! I just finished compiling Ebin & May vol.2 for press and it's now off at the printers. Hopefully, just in time for Further Confusion!

To help promote it - I've put together some bookmarks as freebies/handouts for the con.

Ebin and May vol.2 Bookmark by *SmudgeDragon on deviantART

If your at the show, don't forget to grab one of these! ^.^

Bureau of Mana Investigation Vol. 1 GN

Finally! BMI vol.1 is now available at the Radio Comix Online Store or though fine comic book shops near you.

In the magical realm of Nivarria, the local police have formed a special division to deal with the rise in magic-related crimes: the Bureau of Mana Investigation. After a failed demon raid, Lt. Amark's day went from bad to worse when his girlfriend Holly walked out on him. Now, Amark is trying to find a way to reconcile with her, not realizing that she has been possessed by the very demon that he's been trying to capture!

Action-packed urban fantasy from the popular Furrlough team of Smudge and Ed Garcia, now collected for the very first time! 130 pages of science-fantasy adventure!

BMI vol.1 now available for pre-order

BMI vol 1 GN pre order

Just got the word back that Bureau of Mana Investigation vol.1 is now available for Pre-order though Diamond. Amark, Holly, Yoko and Hygron are happy to be back in print again. The GN is perfect bound, black & white, 130pgs, $15.99 retail, and will reprint the first 4 issues of BMI.

Bureau of Mana Investigation Vol. 1
130pgs, B&W
Diamond order code: SEP101106

As this is my second Graphic Novel printed, I'm tickled pink. And I hope you enjoy this book as much as I had working on it!