RIP, Sharon Sakai

Fifteen Years of Radio ComixIt is with great sadness that we mark the passing of Sharon Sakai, the beloved wife of artist Stan Sakai, after a long and painful battle with cancer. Stan was one of the very first creators at Radio Comix, and it was always a delight to meet up with both the Sakais at conventions to chat and catch up. Sharon was a wonderfully positive person and she will be deeply missed. Everyone here at Radio Comix sends our deepest condolences to Stan and the whole Sakai family at this difficult time.

CAPS organizing fundrasing to help the ‘Nicest Guy in Comics’ with family medical

CAPSStanSakaiAuctionStan Saki, creator of Usagi Yojimbo, and his wonderful wife, Sharon have been stoically dealing with her debilitating medical issues for some time now. Unfortunately, with the need of 24 hour at home care, money, even with insurance is becoming harder and harder to cover. To help, CAPS, the Cartoon Art Professional Society, has stepped forward to help with fundraising to help offset the overwhelming costs.

You can find more about this and ways to help at Garage Art Studios! blog.

Please check it out and help the Nicest Family in comicdom!

UPDATE (12/10/13): They are still having issues with PayPal due to overwhelming response and are working hard to get that resolved. In the meantime - if you wish to donate art to the auction, we've included the form to print out below.

Alternatively (as was mentioned on the Garage Art Studios! blog in the comments) if you wish to bypass PayPal, anyone can send a check in to:

CAPS donation form
CAPS Donation form

P.O. Box 656
Burbank CA. 91503