Apparently Ebin's not one for fighting in the shade. Can't say I blame him.

There was suppose to be a page in-between that gave a long-shot of the battlefield, but it defeated me so I'm moving on instead of delaying the story any longer. Sorry about that guys.

In other news - Radio is running it's first IndiGoGo campaign to help raise funds to feed the Feds. Due to Radio's ex-accountant, Elin's been left with a staggering tax debt. And with money as tight as it is, the Feds have come knocking pretty hard on her door. I, along with Joe Rosales, am doing some exclusive wallpapers for the smallest contribution of $1.00. While the original goal for the campaign has been met, the actual debt is huge and outstrips it greatly, so any extra will go towards the remaining balance as well.

If you have the inclination, please thing about contributing as well. Ever little bit counts.

Thank you!