Gargle Bleck!

As you can see, I'm waaaay behind again. This last week has really kicked my but. Mostly over getting "Liberty from Hell" off to ePress. It was way behind schedule for this past issue and it literately pushed all my other work aside to make it's deadline of Monday morning. Good news, it I just barley made my target date. Bad news is I had to pull an all-nighter to do it. I am just too old nowadays to pull that kind of stunt. While I had this paged inked for a while, by the time the all-nighter was done, I was in no condition to letter it. Lets just say, my lettering skills at that point were sub-optimal. I figured getting a good night sleep and lettering it in the morning was a good idea, so that's the version you get here; Me, after a good night sleep. ^.^