Heee kinda needs a pick-me-up. He’s also doing the ‘that’s really obvious in retrospect’ thing where he kicks himself for NOT thinking it through to that point, but mostly he’s just really creeped out. Magic is one thing - that’s got classifications and people poking at it to advance the uses of it etc - kinda magi-tech, only not really ‘tech’ so much as applying the scientific method to magic, because energy is energy, you’re just tapping it in different ways. Not that this world has developed quite far enough to have put those thoughts into exactly those terms, but you get the idea.

Wow that comment got away from me.

But yeah, souls/ghosts are...acknowledged, but generally you don’t mess with those, and death and such isn’t really lumped in under ‘magic, poke until it explodes then take notes’

Looking at the page overall, I think I maybe could have left the text out of that fourth panel. Hmm. It’s not horrible, but silent might have made a better trio of reaction-shots. Oh well.