That’s No Fun, She Fell Right Over

Just a quick update to let you loyal readers know that our intrepid webmistress Smudge has managed to fall and break her right arm this past weekend while doing Radio Comix-related reconnaissance at WonderCon. Yes, that would be her main writing/typing/photoshopping/drawing arm. (She doesn't like to do anything by halves, our Smudge...) There may be some slight delays in posting on some of our regular online comics while she heals up.

Here's hoping she makes a speedy and complete recovery!

Trouble Express back from Hiatus

Whoot! After a long Hiatus, Trouble Express is back.

Will had to stop posting TE due to technology issues. But after much poking and prodding the updates have started again. Fear not, all the issues are ready to post and there should be no interruption of the schedule now. Also, thanks to taking a good look over all the pages, we've decided to increase the rate of pages from once a week to three times a week, Mon-Wed-Fri.

So come check out Trouble Express. It is well worth the wait.

Steve Gallacci’s Birthright

Yes, that's right - starting this week, we here at Radio Comix are proud to present Steve Gallacci's classic sci-fi tale, Birthright!

The collapse of the interstellar society has spawned countless uprisings and rebellions amongst the slowing deteriorating infrastructure. As political rivals vie for new resources, the once stable Shatora has been invaded, scattering the royal family. The young Prince Alfon, now on his own, must try and reclaim his Birthright.

Birthright updates Tuesdays and Thursdays

It’s Fiesta Time!

Sure enough, it's time for Furry Fiesta, the annual furry convention in Dallas, Texas! Elin will be heading up there with a full stock of Radio Comix titles, including the new Bureau of Mana Investigation trade paperback and the newest issues of Genus: Male and Furrlough! (Unfortunately, Genus #93 was delayed at the printers due to the crazy winter weather across the country, but we'll have everything else!) We'll even have some special rarities we found when doing inventory in the storage- long out of print books that even we have not seen in years. But quantities are incredibly limited on those (onesies and twosies at the most), so be sure to come by the Radio Comix table early to check them out!

The Guest of Honor this year is the lovely and talented Megan Giles, whose beautiful art has graced many a Furrlough and Genus cover. Other luminaries attending the convention include Joe Rosales, Heather Bruton, Diana Harlan-Stein, DAQ, Shon Howell, Brian Sutton and Phil "Poinko" Gibson! Plus many more! It's bound to be a super-fun time!

In other things, we're playing catch-up on mail order- the winter storms delayed our shipments of mailing supplies a ridiculous amount, so we've been operating at a greatly reduced speed using locally-found supplies (which can't be gotten in the quantities we really need). Hopefully, we'll be back up to speed in the next week or two.

Forum down temporarily

Why yes, the Radio Comix Forum is down. I know... oh howdy, do I know.

When trying to upgrade the forum to plug a hole that the spammers were getting into... I kind of killed the database. It's going to be a bit for me to figure out how to fix this and try and recover the old posts.

Sorry for the inconvenience, guys.

Can I crawl in a hole and die now....?

EDIT: Forum's back up again.

Further Confusion 2011 – news

Everyone is back from Further Confusion now.

Lots of good stuff happened this year - At FC we got a chance to debut Genus Male 10, as well as selling out of the stock we brought of Bureau of Mana Investigation vol.1. We also talked to many of your favorite Radio Artists, lining up new stories for both Radio Comix and SinFactory during the upcoming year.

One of big ones we're happy to announce is Steve Gallacci's Birthright is coming to our site!  Keep you eyes peeled here at Radio Comix for when it goes live. I (the web monkey) hope to have the site built by the end of the week. With luck updates will start soon after that.

If you were at the show and stopped by the table, thanks, it was great seeing you. We had a great time.

Next up - I believe it's Furry Fiesta in Texas. If you're at the show, please stop by and say hello!

Bureau of Mana Investigation Vol. 1 GN

Finally! BMI vol.1 is now available at the Radio Comix Online Store or though fine comic book shops near you.

In the magical realm of Nivarria, the local police have formed a special division to deal with the rise in magic-related crimes: the Bureau of Mana Investigation. After a failed demon raid, Lt. Amark's day went from bad to worse when his girlfriend Holly walked out on him. Now, Amark is trying to find a way to reconcile with her, not realizing that she has been possessed by the very demon that he's been trying to capture!

Action-packed urban fantasy from the popular Furrlough team of Smudge and Ed Garcia, now collected for the very first time! 130 pages of science-fantasy adventure!

Reader Appreciation Sale!

Yes, it's that time of year again, the time when we all stuff ourselves with too much food and then attempt to go shopping the next day! And that also means it's time for our Reader Appreciation Sale at the Radio Comix Online Store! It's our way of saying "thank you!" to all our loyal readers for the continued support, because without readers, we'd wouldn't be here. So, get comfy and click on over to the online store for discounts of 20-50% off on hundreds of comics, graphic novels and more, from us and other small-press publishers! Hurry though, with prices like these, I'm sure we'll be selling out of lots of things! The sale ends soon, don't miss out!

BMI vol.1 now available for pre-order

BMI vol 1 GN pre order

Just got the word back that Bureau of Mana Investigation vol.1 is now available for Pre-order though Diamond. Amark, Holly, Yoko and Hygron are happy to be back in print again. The GN is perfect bound, black & white, 130pgs, $15.99 retail, and will reprint the first 4 issues of BMI.

Bureau of Mana Investigation Vol. 1
130pgs, B&W
Diamond order code: SEP101106

As this is my second Graphic Novel printed, I'm tickled pink. And I hope you enjoy this book as much as I had working on it!

Radio Comix Store Difficulties…

It appears our online store is down quite suddenly, as the hosting company we use is having some sort of issues. We're hoping to get this resolved as quickly as possible, but unfortunately do not have an ETA on when they will have said issues resolved.

We do apologize for the outage on the store and will let you all know as soon as possible when it is back online. Thank you in advance for your patience.

EDIT TO ADD: And our store hosting guys have got it fixed! Hooray, big props to them!



A quick little sketch an upcoming character, "Stormhoof."  She's a "Speaker" -- a cross between a professional messenger, and a historian.  Speakers are chosen from the fastest runners in the tribes.