Furrlough #193 coming in December

Furrlough #193 Cover

Once again, our flagship anthology, Furrlough #193 will be shipping in December. This issue includes works by:

Phil Gibson,
Shon Howell,
Christina "Smudge" Hanson,
and more.

Cover by Thor Thorvaldson, Jr.

42 pages, perfect bound and filled with general audience anthro goodness! So check with your local comic reseller to order your copy today!

Cantrip the Magic Rabbit – now available for pre-order

Cantrip the Magic Rabbit
Cantrip the Magic Rabbit

Cantrip the Magic Rabbit is now available for pre-order on Radio's comix eShop!

Cantrip the Magic Rabbit
By Shon Howell and Phil "Poinko" Gibson

Strange things are afoot in sleepy Templarsville, Oklahoma! The students at Julius Schwartz Memorial High are abuzz with rumors about new girl, Candice Tripp. They say there's something bizarre about her, possibly unnatural. But you know how those crazy high school rumors get started, just because a gal is found in an abandoned house with total amnesia doesn't mean she's a complete witch! Or does it?! Collecting all of this delightful anthropomorphic comedy webcomic in one handy volume, penned by the popular Furrlough duo of Shon Howell and Phil "Poinko" Gibson!

Get your copy reserved today!